Richard Wilkins Blues Band

About Us

Richard Wilkins Blues Band is composed of Richard on tenor sax and vocals, Kay Floria piano and vocals, Pat Haley on guitar, Darren Rogers on Bass and Steve Alford on Drums. Together they form a powerful musical journey through traditional blues dance music.

Originally from Michigan, Kay has been playing piano since she was eight years old. She moved to Oregon in 1976 with everything she owned in a ’69 Chevy van. Classically trained, she turned her interest toward the Blues in her adult years. She has been playing in and around Hood River for the past couple years. “The ability to make music has been one of the greatest joys of my life.”   

Kay Floria, Queen of Honky Tonk ready for a party
Steve Alford our drummer, comes from Rochester NY.  Steve brings that big Canadian back beat and has been playing in bands all his life. He likes Gretsch drums
Pat Haley is our guitar player and is from the high desert of Eastern Washington and is a former special education teacher. Besides music, his avocations are hiking, skiing and climbing. He volunteers to play music for the Childrens Cancer Association at hospitals in Portland.
Richard Wilkins has been in the music business over 50 years as a performer and recording artist. He recently semi retired from Laguna Beach, CA. to Hood River, OR. Having been a musician for so long he can play many styles on many instruments.  Also, besides performing, he has been an Event Coordinator putting many concerts. Still plays his 57' Fender Precision bass guitar at gigs in the Northwest and Oarange County, CA.
Darren Rogers has been playing bass with many blues bands and were lucky to have him playing with us. He is an active kiteborder and mountain climber and loves to walk barefoot around Chessapeak Bay on the East Coast